WP3 SOCLIMPACT requires the implementation of a sophisticated modelling chain, articulating climate projections, Climate Change impact assessment, modelling of socio-economic impacts, and scenarios building. This also require a...


WP4 WP4 aims at assessing the impacts of Climate Change through the development of a trans-disciplinary framework in order to analyse complex interactions among connected systems. This framework will allow setting up a chain linking...


WP5 The main objective of this WP is to estimate the economic values of changes in the Environmental Services of the marine and coastal ecosystems (inputs for Blue Economy sectors), due to Climate Change impacts and related policies....


WP6 This WP focuses on the assessment of the socioeconomic impacts of climate impacts and climate mitigation policies on islands. The methodological toolkit to be employed includes contrasted modelling tools that will be used in a...


WP7 The overall objective for WP7 is to create and rank tailored transition pathways for EU islands. It aims to identify critical decision points and their associated uncertainties in the development of adaptation and mitigation...


WP8 The main objective of this WP is the development and implementation of proper communication and dissemination actions, to ensure knowledge transfer and social awareness about CC consequences, and support policy makers and...


The coordination, management and decision process of SOCLIMPACT are described in section 3.2. They are formalised here in tasks, deliverables and milestones, for a better monitoring of project implementation.
The main objective of this work package is to run efficiently the project in accordance with the Work Plan, with adequate partners’ work efforts and stakeholder involvement, thus achieving the maximum benefit to the users, wider community and European Commission.

The practical objectives are therefore to:

  • Provide high level scientific coordination and guidance.
  • Provide legal and financial coordination.
  • Ensure effective reporting and communication between the consortium, the European Commission (EC) maximizing the transparency of processes and activities.
  • Coordinate effective communication within the project, between partners and stakeholders.
  • Provision of effective reporting.
  • Completion of the project on schedule and with the planned resources available.
  • Represent the project in other scenes, in particular to prepare a future exploitation of results.
  • Ensure that all data used within the project are available in a predefined formatted and in a common location, in accordance with H2020 Open Access Data Policy.
  • Management potential conflicts and risks.
  • Coordination/synergies with relevant EU projects and other initiatives.
  • Advisory Board coordination.