Department carrying out activities: TEC

TEC is primarily a consulting firm who has been working for more than twelve years to provide a variety of public and private clients with a “tailor-made” solution, through methods and implication constantly renewed, in particular in the field of sustainable tourism and transport. TEC is also a mini-research laboratory, involved in the transition to a low-carbon society and in the development of methods to support adaptation to climate change. Mainly coming from the research community, our teams continue developing and facilitating partnerships with universities and research centers, in France and all around the world. This with the constant concern to enhance the academic value, but also to ensure a transfer to policy makers.

But TEC is still, and increasingly, an innovative projects incubator. Within an internal “projects stock exchange”, everyone adopts a concept, an idea, to make it a reality, to confront it with the ground and to allow its implementation. Whether it is about developing new climate services, renewing business models by incorporating carbon constraint, or reinventing the way to communicate about sustainable development and climate, potential is wide… even if it is not possible to reveal everything here.