Observatory on Tourism in the European Islands (OTIE)


Department carrying out activities: OTIE

Observatory on Tourism in the European Islands (OTIE) has as the main purpose to draw up statistics surveys and make documents of research in order to identify the current issues of Tourism in the European Islands. On the 2nd February of 2007 in Palermo, OTIE was founded by public institutions, Universities, Research Centres and other international organizations as a non-profit organization. OTIE activities are all focused on updating the Databank on Insular Tourism, creating the Documentation Centre of the Islands, achieving studies and researches, organizing forums and seminars, and participating to the European projects of cooperation and social development. Thanks to the direct dialogue with the institutions, the companies and the centers of research on tourism, OTIE offers its support to the insular realities for to devise strategic, operative and marketing plans on tourism by taking advantage of its wide network of contacts and a steady updated benchmark on European tourism.