Cyprus University of Technology - The Cyprus Institute - The Energy, Environment & Water Research Centre (CYI)


Department carrying out activities: Energy, Environment and Water Research Centre

The Cyprus Institute was founded in 2005 and has been operating since Dec/2007. Its mission is to help transform Cyprus into a knowledge economy and to act as a gateway for science and innovation between the EU and the EMME region, taking advantage of its geopolitical setting.

It is a science and technology, research and postgraduate education, non-governmental, nonprofit organization governed by an international Board of Trustees and funded principally by the Cyprus Government.

The CYI has a research agenda that includes several of the topics outlined in the proposal. Both in Energy and in the built environment research sector it has demonstrated potential towards excellence, obtaining several EU projects (indicated throughout the text). The CYI team is led by Prof Manuel J. Blanco and Prof C.N. Papanicolas and on energy systems, and Prof Mat Santamouris and Prof. D. Serghides for the areas of the built environment, all internationally recognized scientists and experienced administrators.