Department carrying out activities:

Environmental and Spatial Planning

The Region of Crete ( is Public Law Entity, a second grade local self government authority of Greece organized and operated according to the Greek Law 3852/2010 “Kallikratis Program” and offers services for the benefit of the citizens. It consists of 6 General Directorates and 36 Directorates that aim at Economic, Social and Cultural Development of the Island of Crete and regarding the Development, Development Planning, Environment and Infrastructure, Regional Agricultural Economy and Veterinary Services, Transport and Communications, Public Health and Social Care, Civil Protection and Defence, as well as Internal Function. It designs, plans and implements policies at regional level as part of its responsibility, in terms of the sustainable development and social cohesion of the country, taking into account National and European Policies.

Co-operation with local, regional, national and EU partners, is essential for the success of strategic regional planning and thus the dialogue, the experience, the expertise and the know how exchange between crucial national and EU partners is the key mean for the Region of Crete to succesfuly achieve the goals of social cohesion and development.

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