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The Balearic Islands is an archipielago with 4 main inhabited islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Eivissa and Formentera), each one with a different idiosincracy that reflects in local politics and economics.

The landscape is a mix of mountains, plains and coastal areas (unspoiled and very exploited). There is a plan for terrestrial and marine protected areas and Menorca is a Biosphere Reserve.

The archipielago forms one of the 17 Spanish provinces with regional autonomous government. This has competencies in Tourism, Health, Education … So, the local stakeholders have capacity to act. Also each of the four main islands have an insular government with share competences with the regional one.

  • Total GDP: 28 461 M€ (11th of 17 in Spain), of which 22 700 M€ (Mallorca), 2 300 M€ (Menorca), 3 100 M€ (Eivissa and Formentera)
  • GDP/capita 24 870€ (6th of 17 in Spain)
  • 82% in Services Sector
  • Population: 1 110 000 (total), 870 000 (Mallorca), 91 000 (Menorca), 144 000 (Eivissa and Formentera)


Blue economy sectors

Blue economy sectors

30,2 % of the Islands’s employment 45% of the GDP 40% of Taxes 14.5% of public investment 15.4 millions of tourists in 2017, most of them in hotels but large increase of vacation rental (14%) with the corresponding social issues 1 million of...

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