Blue economy sectors

  • 30,2 % of the Islands’s employment
  • 45% of the GDP
  • 40% of Taxes
  • 14.5% of public investment
  • 15.4 millions of tourists in 2017, most of them in hotels but large increase of vacation rental (14%) with the corresponding social issues
  • 1 million of non-residents at peak season (mid-august) for a population of 1 million residents. One of the largests Ratio of international tourists/Residents
  • Only 571 people in 340 boats, small artisianal companies devoted to local consumption
  • 3.200 Tn in catches (~25% of total needs
  • 0.1% of GDP (19.4M€ )
  • Importance of recreational aquaculture (~30.000 boats, 70.000 licences). ~800Tn in catches
  • Relatively low implementation of aquaculture (10.8 M€ in 2014)
  • Societal and cutural importance. Also local products are specially valued.
  • Crucial importance of maritime transport for the supply of food and goods
  • Maritime transport of 1.5MTn coal, 1.2MTn hydrocarbons, 0,2 MTn Wastes
  • 3.2 M people arriving from regular transportation (12 Ferry lines)
  • Important and highly emissive Cruise sector : 1075 cruises brought 2 M people in 2016
  • Important nautic and Yacht leisure industry : 20k nautic units

Oversized network with only 2% of generation from renewables and 96% of import. Main generation from coal (45%) although it could be with gas.
Overcost of energy production 141€/Mwh in front of 51€/Mwh in the mainland (282% Increase). Also electric connection to the mainland is not enough at present (technical aspects). 3.8% GDP in energy.
>> Room for renewables but strong blockage from central government.

  • 66% hydrocarbons, 24% electricity (large increase in the last 10 yrs), 9% gas
  • 58% Energetic consumption from transportation (1/4 aerotransportation, 3/4 maritime and land )
  • 32% Energetic consumption for residential and services
  • Room for renewables but strong blockage from central government. Mainly solar and eolic
  • Regional government plans for the transition to renewable energy (incl. electric cars and gas-based transportation)
Short description

Short description

The Balearic Islands is an archipielago with 4 main inhabited islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Eivissa and Formentera), each one with a different idiosincracy that reflects in local politics and economics. The landscape is a mix of mountains, plains and...

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