Department carrying out activities: Socio-Humanities & Political Studies Department

InterFusion Services Ltd is an innovative R&D SME based in Cyprus comprising three core Departments: 1. ICT & Media Department, 2. Socio-Humanities & Political Studies Department, and 3. The Environmental Policy Department. InterFusion employs experts in the above departments with vast experience in the management and coordination of research funded projects in both national and European level projects. All three departments support a dynamic intellectual team of members that focus on actively contributing and exploring links between the most important core areas related to political developments like sustainable tourism and in horizontal ICT fields like e-government and e-inclusion, while keeping in tune with the regional, national and international developments.

The company acts as a leader of the Sustainability work package in the CIP-ICT projects DIEGO and SEED supporting municipalities of Pafos and Pegeia respectively; as pilot leader in the FP7-ICT-2011-7 integrating project (IP) titled ‘Future Policy Modelling’ with acronym FUPOL and as Policy Experts in various domains including Sustainable Tourism. It is also worth mentioning that the company acted as a subcontractor to the FP6 project SESAME entitled Southern European Seas: Assessing and Modelling Ecosystem Changes. During the project;s mplementation stage InterFusion will capitalise on its expertise on Fuzzy Cognitive Maps, a computational methodology extremely suitable for policy making.

A Fuzzy Cognitive Map simulation in-house software developed in Matlab, that makes use of expert knowledge. It is an intelligent decision-support tool and in the past has been used successfully to model social, economic, political and environmental problems.

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