Agenzia Nazionale per le nuove tecnologie, l’energia e lo sviluppo económico sostenibile (ENEA)


Department carrying out activities: Laboratory Climate Modelling and Impacts (SSPT-METCLIM)

ENEA is the Italian government agency responsible for the areas of new technology, energy and the sustainable economy. Its two fundamental tasks are to conduct research in these areas and to diffuse the results nationally. ENEA’s activities in the Environmental sector involve:

Environmental surveying and monitoring; Climate modelling and analysis at global and regional scale; Global change assessment; Research and assessment of the impact of productive activities on the human and natural environments; Development of advanced technologies and new products with low environmental impact. The Agency has around 3000 staff throughout Italy, operating at nine major Research Centres and a number of smaller facilities.

ENEA has a special laboratory devoted to Climate Modelling and Impacts (SSPT-MET-CLIM ) with a staff of 15 employees. This laboratory combines long standing expertise both in the area of oceanic and atmospheric modelling (regional and global) and impact evaluation in relevant sectors (energy, infrastructure, agriculture, ecosystems). Its major fields of research are Mediterranean and African climate, the analysis of the regional hydrological cycle and related teleconnections, energy and environmental modelling, forecasting applications for renewable energy, electric grid, infrastructure maintenance and planning.

This laboratory SSPT-MET-CLIM coordinated the EU-FP7 CLIM-RUN project on climate services, and it participated to IMPACT2C, SPECS and EUPORIAS, SINGULAR, PERSEUS EU-FP7 projects. Now it’s involved in CRESCENDO H2020 project and in C3S tended ECEM on climate services for energy sector in Europe. This laboratory co-leads and participates to Med-Cordex initiative, where also contributes with the ENEA regional earth system model climate simulations for the Mediterranean basin.

ENEA will be the only official partner in the project, so no third party have to be considered:

SSPT-MET-CLIM is the ENEA laboratory which will carry out the project’s activities.

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